Blue Bay

Digestive Enzyme Probiotics Animal Health

Rp 350.000

Product Description
Blue Bay Digestive Enzyme helps improve the balance of intestinal microflora for dogs and cats. It also improve digestive function and prevent diarrhoea. it also help reduce stresses caused by temperature, transportation, weaning and diseases.

Key Benefits
- Prevent Diarrhoea cause by digestion disorder
- Deodorise animal stool
- Increase number of beneficial microbes and inhibit growing of harmfulmicrobes


Active Lactobacillus Powder, Diastase, Lipase, Dried Whey Powder, Strach, Milk Powder.

Directions For Use
Topping or Mixing with daily rations. Apply two or three times per day (1 teaspoon = 1 g).
- Animal with body weight under 2 kg:
  apply 1 teaspon per time.
- 2.5kg body weight:
  2 teaspoons
- 5-10 kg body weight:
  4 teaspoons
- 10-20 kg body weight:
  8 teaspoons
- Over 20kg body weight:
  10 teaspoons
- For Treatment on digestive dysfunctions, apply double dosage.

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