Probiotics Animal Health

Rp 430.000

Product Description

Cosmoslact Priobiotic help improves weak digestion, bad appetite, diarrhoea, bad breath, skin problems, dull fur coat, tear stains.It help cleanses the intestinal waste and promote healthy gut flora, Purifies the blood and detoxes the body that will lead to better skin, more vitality and stronger immunity. It’s safe for human and animal of all ages, also suitable for vegetarians

Key Benefits

  • Help improves weak digestion,bad appetite, diarrhoea,bad breath, skin problem
  • Regular consumption can help mitigate effects of carcinogens and oxidation
  • Safe for human,animals of all age
  • No sugar,colouring,animal products,pesticides,artificial preservative or additive are added


Lactic acid bacteria fermented extract (derived from soy beans), Lactic acid bacteria, salt. The soy beans are grown in-house and are non-GMO. The salt is from Okinawa and constitutes only 2% of the finished product. It is sun-dried salt and contains a lot of high-quality minerals

Direction For Use

Simply add it to your pet food or water. Although Cosmoslact reaches the stomach faster if you add it to their water, the efficacy is not affected when heated so you can add it to home-cooked food too

  • Large breed dogs: 5 – 7 marks
  • Medium breed dogs: 3 – 4 marks
  • Small breed dog or cats: 1 – 2 marks
  • Very small cats or dogs: 5 drops per 1 kg of weight
  • Rabbits: 5 drops
  • Hamsters: 2 – 3 drops
  • Birds: 1- 2 drops

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