Earthleaf Eye Drops for Dogs & Cats

Rp 160.000
Product Description

It is good to cleanse your pet’s eyes regularly, especially when they are inflamed, or irritated due to shampoo, or due to fur getting into the eyes after a trim. Rest-assured that the eye drops are not irritating nor painful for pets.

Key Benefits
- It can be used even for puppies, kittens, and rabbits
- Rich in vitamins and minerals that helps nourishing boost to senior animals.
- Helps to reduce tear stains.
- Free from fragrance, colouring, preservatives or any additives.

Pulvic acid, natural water.

Directions For Use
1. Please drip it on the part which festered around the eyes like eyewash.
2. As it is natural antioxidant hydrogen materials approved as drinking water, we do not have to worry even if it gets into eyes

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