Freeze Dried Beef Liver Dog Treats

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Product Description 

These treats are tasty for tail-wagging pups and are freeze dried raw to lock in the aroma, texture, and freshness. Freeze drying only removes the water, leaving the nutrients in these treats intact to support a healthy, happy furbaby.
Limited ingredient with one to three ingredients, which is 100% pure, freeze-dried.
Healthy treats with great value that can assist promote healthy digestion and strong teeth and gums. The grain-free and the poultry-free bite is good for food-sensitive doggies and a limited diet. The gluten-free bite-size is wonderful for the vibrancy and vigor of your pal's skin and coat.
AVAILABLE SIZES: 1.4 oz. (40 grams)

Key Benefits

  • Single Ingredients Treats
  • Simple, protein packed, with only one ingredient.
  • Bite-sized irresistible treats that are a perfect way to reward your special dog!
  • 100% Pure and natural
  • Grain & gluten free
  • Aroma flavor, texture & freshness
  • Highly nutritious treats and meal toppers


100 % beef liver

Feeding Instructions

Sprinkle generously over kibble

Keep the bag closed and store it in a cold, dry area. Once moistened, the freeze-dried formula will keep its freshness for 3-5 days when refrigerated.
Separate freeze-dried pet foods from other foods. Hands, work surfaces, utensils, and any other objects that come into contact with freeze-dried animal pet meals should be washed in hot, soapy water. Uneaten pieces should be refrigerated promptly or discarded. Keep this product away from babies and small children.

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