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Vitalmix Dog Cat Vitamin

Rp 489.500

Product Description

Imagine your Dog or Cat Healthy and Fit, Full of Energy and Staying Young Forever. VITALMIX is an innovative, scientifically advanced, and effective multi-component nutritional supplements in the marketplace. More than a multi-vitamin, it is the ultimate blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that work together to provide optimal nutrition, support a healthy immune system and circulatory functions, and inhibit ailments

Key Benefits

  • Contains all essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids your Pet needs
  • USA high quality ingredients
  • Great support for your Pet
  • Supports the general health of your Pet


Calcium 21.6 mg ,Vitamin A 144 IU ,Vitamin B1 180 mcg,Vitamin B2 226 mcg ,Vitamin B6 180 mcg ,Vitamin B12 9 mcg ,Vitamin E 1.44 IU ,Vitamin C 1.8 mg ,Taurine 15.0 ,L-carnitine 15.0 ,Zinc 1.35 m

Direction For Use

  • Small dogs & cats (less than 10 kg): 1 tablet daily
  • Mid-sized dogs (10-20 kg): 2 tablet daily
  • Larger dogs (31-40 kg): 3 tablet daily
  • Large dogs (31-40 kg): 4 tablet daily
  • Very large dogs (41-50 kg): 5 tablet daily
  • Giant Breed (over 50 kg): 6-7 tablet daily

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