Care Dental Dog & Cat Glove

Rp 95.000

Product Description

It allows brushing by using the thumb and index finger. Both the front and rear sides of a tooth can be scrubbed simultaneously by pinching both fingers together over each tooth. Even if your dog does not like brushing, he/she will quickly become accustomed to brushing gradually with this product that allows brushing as if just touching his/her teeth. It can be used by the right hand, left hand, or even both hands simultaneously, Material Glove part: Cotton & Nylon

Key Benefits

  • Made from 100% fine Japanese cotton
  • it easy to use and can be used with toothpaste
  • ideal for Puppies and kittens

Direction For Use

Slide the Kenko Care Dental Dog&Cat Glove over your right hand and apply a small dab of toothpaste (not included) onto the finger toothbrush of your choice. Slip your finger inside your pet's cheek and, using a small circular motion, brush along the teeth and gum line

Package Size

  • Width : 1 cm
  • Length : 8cm
  • height : 18 cm

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