Snap Leash-Large 1/2"

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Color: red
Length: 4 Feet
Sale priceRp 540.000
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Product Description

British-Style Snap Leads – Our BEST SELLER! Leash and collar in one combination that is great for training and known for its ease of use

Key Benefits

  • Soft on the hands with its “Broken in Feel” easy to use and pliable enough to fit in your coat pocket
  • Brass, satin nickel or black metallic hardware and oil tanned leather splices
  • Made of waterproof, vibrant, long-lasting multi-filament polypropylene rope
  • Matches Mendota's Double Braid Collars
  • Machine washable, air dry only
  • Handmade in the U.S.A
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Direction for use

Choose your leashes based on your dog's breed and weight and ut the snap on your dog's collar or harness


  • It's 1/2 inch for rope diameter and two kind of length which are 4 feet (122 cm) and 6 feet (183 cm)
  • Recommend for dogs 50 - 250 pounds (22.6 - 113.4 kg) and under
  • Weight about 6 oz (0.17 g)

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