Naturals Wild Caught Salmon Dog & Cats Treats

Rp 220.000

Product Description
Northwest Naturals provides convenient nuggets that can easily be break to allow quick and easy feeding while training. the soft texture added to help pets easily crumble as it products also give a nutritional boost but also high palatable addition. Single ingredient treat-Grain Free-Gluten Free. Dog and Cats love too

Key Benefit:
-100% grain-free complete and balanced biologically appropriate raw food
- These nutritious single-ingredient treats are tasty, good for pets with food sensitivities and convenient to serve
- Made from a single ingredient, naturally rich in protein and other essential nutrients.
-Only one Ingridients

Ingridients: Wild Caught Salmon
Calories Content: 123 kcal/oz

Feeding Guideliness: 2-4 per day for small dogs or cats, 4-6 per day for medium dogs, 6-8 per day for large dogs

Always make sure to provide plenty of fresh water

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