Pet Pounce Sakura Scent Pet Sanitizer

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Product Description

It is safe to use Bio Ion Pets Pounce on these furry pets as it is eco-safe, fragrance free deodorizer with natural plants extract. You can spray them on their paws, ears and fur with ease and effectively eliminate the stench and harmful bacteria on your pets. Now, you can play with your pets with no worries

Key Benefits

  • Non Alcohol
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Kills 99.99% Germs
  • Respond in 30 sec
  • Disinfects & Protects Against Virus Infection
  • Eliminates Odor (eg: Cigarette Smoke Smell Food Stench etc)
  • Rejuvenates, Purifies & Refreshes Air Quality


100% plant extracts

Directon For Use

  • Spray directly on the furbaby body and paws to cleanse and kills bacteria's on their body and also removing the stench
  • For eyes and ears, you can wet your cotton bud using Pets Pounce before cleaning their eyes and ears in order to eliminate odour with its bacteria killing ability
  • For sanitizing purpose by spraying on the furkids cages, sofas, furnitures, curtains, floors, pet resting areas, beds and matts, furnitures, car’s interior and exterior, etc. and even on ourselves after we hug the pets. Since its 100% plants extract, RO water based spray it will not give any side effects to Furbaby when they lick on it or been applied to human

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