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Plago Crispy Cat Snacks - Salmon

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Product Description

Plago crispy cat snacks is a dental treat that helps improve oral health by removing plague when consumed. Plago is a healthy and convenient way to manage oral cavities. FitPet introduces a way for caretakers to manage their companion animals; from those that merely detest teeth brushing to those that have oral diagnosis, with a tasty treats your cats go wild for!

Key Benefits

  • Help immunity and antioxidant
  • Healthy and convenient way to manage oral cavities
  • Naturally scrapes the plagues stuck in teeth, helping manage oral health of your cat
  • Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, making it a delight for cats to ea
  • Made with only honest ingredients
  • Rich in moisture and fiber, help with diet, digestion problems and bowel movement

Feeding Guidelines

1. If fed as a main meal, replace 1/4 of the main feed with Plago Crispy Cat

2. It is okay to feed small amount as a snack

Daily Feeding Guideline :

Weight: 1~3kg/ 3~4kg/ 5~6kg/over 6kg

Daily feeding amount: 6g/ 7g/ 9g/ 10g

(*1ea is about 1 gram)


threadfin bream, rice, sweet potato starch, flour, sweet pumpkin, gelatin, orchid powder, brewer's yeast, sea salmon, spirulina, tocopherol, yucca extract, taurine, vitamin compound (vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin D3), lactoperin, animal-induced protein

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