Pochitama Series - Skin Lotion

Rp 360.000


Product Description

Pochitama Skin Lotion provides moisture and lustre to fur pet’s fur coat while protecting it against harmful UV Rays. Pochiatama Skin lotion made from natural ingredients like green tea extract, sasa veitchii leaft extract, per simmon tannin extract to remove pet odour. Safe for sensitive skin types.

Key Benefit:
-For UV Protection
-Can use on wet&dry coat
-Used for daily maintenance & brushing
-Good for rabbits,small animals and even human


Ingridients:Glycerin,Betaine,Hyaluronic Acid,Ceramide3,Coenzyme Q10,Marine Collagen,Chamomila Recutita,Lonicera Japonica(HoneySuckle) Leaf Extract,Mulbery Bark Extract,Rosemary Extract,Silk Protein,Persimmon Tanin Extract,Sasa Veitchii Bamboo Extract,Green Tea Extract



Using Insturction: Spray on skin or fur as many times daily. Safe for all kinds of animals

Before Walk:

Apply Paw Cream on paws to give an extra layer of protection (especially when you will be walking on hot pavements).

After walk:

-Clean with Skin Lotion and wipe off any dirt

- Disinefct with Hanemori Pet & Baby Safe disinfectant (cleaning & disinfecting job should be separate

- Apply Paw Cream to soothe the paws

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