Soothing Paw Moisturizer For Cats & Dogs 50ml

Rp 220.000

Product Description

Taurus Soothing Paw Moisturizer is easy and convenient to apply on your pet, all while keeping your hands clean and oil-free! Taurus Soothing Paw Moisturizer is made with natural coconut oil and collagen that is gentle and moisturizing for your pets skin.

Key Benefits

  • Provides optimal moisturizing effect for your pets paw without blocking their sweat glands
  • Featuring a screw-top & sponge applicator will make it easy to use
  • Natural ingredients will make your pet's skin and coat more healthy

Directions for use

Apply once or twice a day before or after walks

  • Press the sponge applicator gently on the paw, and apply the moisturizer in a patting motion
  • Allow to dry before movement, or dress limbs in socks or booties for maximum absorption
  • Suitable for Cats and dogs of all life stages


  • Dimension: 10 x 4 x 18 cm

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