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Product Description

Pochitama Water Additive-Water that does not oxidise easily, helping to slow down ageing for furkids. It helps to slow down the speed of oxidation and has very small clusters for easy absorption. Water Additive is electrolytic ionized water with alkaline properties to neutralise free radicals within the body. It can be added to furkid’s food or drinking water. Maintain furkid’s health so that furkid can live up to his or her maximum potential. It is tasteless, odourless and non-sticky

Key Benefits

  • Cleanses the mouth and removes bad breath
  • Reduce body odour and poop odour
  • Helping to slow down ageing
  • Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory effect within the body

Directions for use

  • Spray 3-4 pumps into the furkids food/drinking water (for those with weak tummies,start with 1 pump first and slowly increase)
  • Recommend to consume daily for best results
  • When spraying into the mouth for removing bad breath,try to avoid spraying into the throat
  • You may spray at each side until the odour disappears (Spraying gives faster results but its not necessary.Drinking water with additive can also have the same effect)
  • Precautions

    • Do not drink this product directly without diluting
    • Initially there may be some loose stools but this will go back to normal after 3 to 4 weeks
    • There may be white sediments in the product. These are hardened mineral particles and are harmless.


Contains 250 ml

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