After coming back from the United States, Rosie (Left) & Kai (Middle) along with their pawrent struggled finding a pet store that sells healthy pet products. As a result, Rosie & Kai had to adjust their diet to what is available in the market in Indonesia. With this new food diet, Rosie and Kai got many skin problems from rashes, and hair loss to health problems like allergies and constant vomiting and diarrhea. Exasperated with the products available in Indonesia, Rosie and Kai's pawrent decided to import products and gather all high quality and healthy products so that other furbabies don't have to deal with the trouble that Rosie and Kai had to go through. Now, Rosie and Kai has a new family member, Nara (Right). Nara has all the best quality products and don't have to worry about finding the right products for her. 


Lush Pets Co. aims to be the Natural Pet Store for you and your pets. Our store is dedicated to finding and selling pet food, treats, and supplements made from natural ingredients that will, as a result, help your pets achieve healthy and shiny coat, reduce their chances to allergies, ailments and digestive disorders, reach higher life expectancies, and, last but certainly not least, keep your pets healthy both internally and externally. Most of our products are imported products from Japan, USA, Canada, etc, and we carefully select the products to ensure that the products we sell are all high quality. Given the fact that our products are imported, we offer prices that are affordable for you! We want to be the solution and take part of your pet's healthy journey.

We aim to continue to improve and offer the best products for you and your furpets. Hence, we are open to any suggestions from you regarding the needs of your pets, ranging from the type of food and brands to any additional supplies both you and your furbabies need in order to make both your lives easier and healthier.