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 Dry Dog Food


Wet Dog Food

Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Food Topping

Dog Food Types

There are many different types of dog food available for your pupper. We'll break down the different dog food types for you:

Dry Dog Food :  The benefits of feeding your dog dry food are many, which explains why so many people buy kibble – and only kibble – for their dogs. Dry dog food travels and stores well (for a specific period of time). At the same time, these kibbles includes a guarantee of nutritional completeness – you don’t need to worry about deficiencies.

Wet Dog Food : Next to dry dog food, canned food may be the most widely fed kind of dog food in Indonesia. Dogs tend to enjoy the taste of wet food noticeably more so than kibble, and the canning process allows you to avoid preservatives and ultra-processing. Commercial wet dog food includes a guarantee of nutritional completeness.

Freeze Dried Dog Food : Freeze-dried dog food is portable, lightweight and extremely shelf stable. Highest quality ingredients are the rule in freeze-dried dog food. Usually, Freeze-dried dog food is minimally processed or raw. This type of food is good for dogs with poor appetite; the taste of freeze-dried dog food is generally irresistible to dogs