Antibacterial Training Pee Pads

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Variations: 35x45 cm (100 pcs)
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Product Description

AbsorbPlus Antibacterial Training Pee Pads are eco-friendly and more absorbent than the average pee pads, holding up to 2 cups of liquid (350cc). Created from high-quality 100% biodegradable materials, AbsorbPlus Antibacterial Training Pee Pads feature 6 layers of protection with advanced polymer technology that turns liquid into gel - instantly locks in moisture and prevent messy tracking.

Our leak-proof back layer is made with 100% water-proof PE film, making it the most ideal pee pad available for you and your pet.

Key Benefits:

  • Antibacterial - Recommended for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Floor Lock System - Adhesive stick-on tape below
  • Quick-Drying Surface - Absorbs in less than 2.5 seconds
  • Super Absorbent - Can contain up to 8 cups of liquid
  • Leak Proof - 100% Waterproof base layer


  • Place an Absorb Plus Antibacterial Training Pee Pad on the floor away from your dog’s food and bed, plastic side down and tissue side up.
  • For initial training, put your dog on the pad several times so that he can smell the pad. Continue to bring your dog back to the pad until he relieves himself on the pad and then award him a treat immediately.
  • As training progresses, move the pad closer and closer to an outside door.
  • Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed.

If using the pad for housetraining, gradually move the pad toward your door once your pet has learned to use the pad consistently. Eventually, you can move the pad outdoors to the area where you would like your dog to go potty.


  • Small 35x45cm (100pcs)
  • Medium 45x60cm (50pcs)
  • Large 60x90cm (25pcs)

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