Dog Spa Doctor's Health Herb Organic 100%

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Size: 150g
Sale priceRp 650.000
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Product Description

Ayu Herb Pack is a skin treatment with medicinal properties targeted at recurring skin ailments like yeast infection, flaking skin, bald spots and excessively oily skin. The Herb Pack has been in widely used in Japan for 10 years, and it has been documented to treat cases where even vets cannot. Doctor's Health Pack is for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and odour removal effect. Good for dogs with very oily skin or flaking skin with dandruff

Key Benefits

  • Easy and luxurious treatment for furbabys
  • Good choice for sensitive rough skin


Cassia & Neem Measurements (Amount Water needed around to 6-8 times of the herb)

Direction To Use

  • Small Breeds : 15-20 grams
  • Medium Breeds : 20-30 grams
  • Large Breeds : 30-50 grams
  • Human Head : 15 grams

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