Care Slim Cylinder Head Toothbrush for Dogs

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Product Description

Toothbrush Cylinder Head is ideal for pet dogs who dislike toothbrushing their teeth or for pet dogs that their owner think to start brushing their teeth. Slim type cylinder shape is around 11.0mm in diameter specially made for micro sized dog. Toothbrush Cylinder Head shape brings easy brushing not to adjust your brushing angle during brushing.

Key Benefits

  • The bristle top will always be able to get contact to pet dog’s teeth
  • The high density of the bristles allows the capillary action to absorb dirt from teeth
  • Prevents bad breath and tartar buildup
  • For cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Made in Japan

Direction For Use

Brush gently on their teeth and along their gum line. Gently brush on gum and avoid excessive force.


11.0 x 155 (mm)


7.0 (g)

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