Chewable Cardiac For Pets

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Product Descriptions

OptiPet Chewable Cardiac helps with the heart health of pets. Functional raw materials with Omega 3-6, soybean extract powder, L-carnitine, taurine for hearth health. 

NET WT : 120 g (5g X 24 chewable )

Key Benefits

  • Apply blister packaging to block light and oxygen
  • Reduce phosphorus, sodium, and protein content for heart health
  • Optimal nutritional solution with low protein, ginseng and sodium design
  • Integrated management for internal organs
  • Functional ingredients for strengthening the heart, kidneys and antioxidants


Feeding Instructions
(less than 5 kg) : 1 chewable per day
(less than 11 kg) : 1~2 chewable per day
(11 kg or more : 2~3 chewable per day


Active ingredients (Heart health)
: Omega 3 fatty acid, Isoflavone, L-carnitine, Taurine
Inactive ingredients (Antioxidant)
: Spirulina, Green tea extract, tomato extract

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