Pawtato Chips Stimulation Stress Relief Dog Toy

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Product Desriptions

PAWTATO Chips, a delightful and interactive plush snuffle dog toy that elevates playtime to a whole new level. This innovative toy is designed to engage your dog's senses, providing mental stimulation and stress relief.

Key Benefits

  • CHIPS INSPIRED DESIGN: Each bag of our PAWTATO Chips comes with 2 chips inside!
  • INTERACTIVE/SNUFFLE TOY: The clever design of this dog toy resembles a bag of chips, adding a touch of playful humor to your dog's playtime.
  • Crinkle PaperINSIDE: The Chips features snuffle paper that sounds with every playful bite, enhancing the entertainment factor and encouraging interactive play.
  • SMALL TO MEDIUM DOGS: This dog toy is tailored to suit small to medium-sized dogs, ensuring they can comfortably carry, toss, and enjoy their new favorite playmate.
  • IDEAL DOG GIFT: Looking for a unique and amusing gift for your dog's birthday? The PAWTATO Chips is a delightful and unexpected surprise that will leave your pup wagging its tail with joy.
  • FUNNY AND CUTE: With its playful design and entertaining features, this dog toy is sure to amuse both your dog and anyone lucky enough to witness the laughter-inducing play sessions.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Simply wash the toy in a laundry bag and then dry on low heat. Easy to clean!
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Crafted from premium-quality material, this dog toy is soft, safe, and gentle on your pet's teeth and gums, making it perfect for long hours of playtime.



Care Instructions
1) Throw it in a laundry bag
2) Wash it in cold water
3) Tumble dry in dryer

- Corduroy Material
- High Quality Cotton
- Eco Friendly Cotton Stuffing
- Squeaker Inside

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