Freeze Dried Turkey Bites Dog Cat Treats 7oz

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Variation: Turkey
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Product Description

SmallBatch Turkey Bites is 100% certified organic vegetables and the supplements are always pure, organic, and unrefined. Single-source protein treats for dogs and cats featuring 95% meat, organ and bone, fermented purple cabbage probiotic and a different superfood with each flavor. Great for adding to mealtime or as treats

Key Benefits

  • Humanely raised turkey for a quality protein source
  • Organic produce for fiber, antioxidants, and whole-food derived vitamins and minerals
  • Salmon oil, sesame seeds & coconut oil to provide a healthy balance of omegas 3,6 and 9
  • Cranberry to help support urinary health Fermented vegetable probiotics as a non-animal source of pre- and probiotics to help boost your pet's digestion

Feeding Instructions

  • Feed as a treat
  • Supplement food
  • If adding to your pet's food: Replace up to 25% of the food

    If rehydrated: Add ¼ cup warm water for each ¼ cup of bites for extra moisture

This product is inteded for supplemental or intermittent feeding only


Turkey including bone, turkey, turkey gizzards, turkey hearts, turkey livers, organic winter squash, organic spinach, organic coconut oil, salmon oil, organic cranberry, organic sesame seed powder, organic purple probiotic (contains purple cabbage, sunchokes)

Calorie content:

122 kcal/ounce

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