Atlantic Salmon Freeze-Dried Cat Dinner Booster Topping

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Product Descriptions

Kelly & Co. Freeze-dried powder sprinkled on food for cats Can be taken from 3 months old and up. Helps make food more delicious Suitable for cats who have difficulty eating or are picky eaters.
Made from 100% meat with freeze-dried innovation. That helps maintain freshness, smell, taste and provides complete nutrition.
The sprinkling powder is flake-like, crumbly, and does not clump together. It can be used as a topping on pellet food, wet food, or milk.

Size 50gr

Key Benefits

  • Easy to digest, contains minerals that help absorb nutrients well. Helps reduce fecal odor and excrete lumps
  • Does not contain grains and gluten.
  • CFIA level standards from Canada
  • Producing with a low and gradual freeze-drying technique to maintain the natural nutrients.
  • Complete and balanced nutrition that may be consumed as a meal, supplement, or meal mixer.
  • Made without the use of high-sugar flavorings, salts, fillers, or rendered by-products.


Salmon meat 100% 

Chemical animal feed quality Guaranteed Analysis
Protein not less than 65.0% (Crude Protein 65.0%)
Fat not less than 20.0% (Crude Fat 20.0%)
Crude not more than 1.0% (Crude Fiber 1.0%)
Humidity not more than 5.0% (Moisture 5.0%)

Feeding Instructions

Sprinkle generously over the kibble.

Always keep remaining food re-sealed in the bag or put in a re-closable container.
Store in dry and cool place and avoid exposing to direct sunlight.

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