Earth Friendly Poop Bag Dog & Cat

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Product Description

These bags are not made from plastic materials! but from corn starch! These bags are made from cornstarch making them easier to decompose. Regular plastic takes up to 1000 years to compose, these bags take only 6 - 10 months to decompose! Get this poop bags for or a more environmentally friendly option. Per Order comes with 2 rolls! (include 30 bags)

Key Benefits

  • Made from corn starch (not made from plastic!)
  • Makes picking up pet waste quick, easy, and simple whether on a walk or in the backyard
  • Fits in all poop bag dispensers
  • Larger poop bag size makes it easier to tie bags (32.5cm x 22.5cm)
  • Strong and durable dog waste bags are thick enough to hold any mess with double-sealed construction

Direction for use

You need to pull out the poop bag gently and the bag will come out easily. Wash your hand after you took your pet's poo


  • Made from corn scratch
  • Biodegradable poop bag
  • This product has 2 rolls in each bag
  • Size: length x width = 32.5 cm x 22.5 cm

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