Earthbath Coat Brightening Lavender Dog & Cat Shampoo

Rp 220.000

Product Description
Earthbath Coat Brightening Lavender Dog & Cat Shampoo are formulated with special blend of natural minerals and lavender essence create a wonderfully aromatic and mild shampoo that works to naturally brighten the coat of pets. it blend with special selection of optical brighteners with gentle cleansers and lavender oil for a wonderfully aromatic and mild shampoo that helps brighten coats.

Key Benefits
- Adds extra sparkle and brilliance to coats of all types and colors with natural
- Sweet lavender scent keeps your furry friend smelling clean
- Perfect for cats and dogs over 6 weeks of age who need a brightening shampoo
- 100% biodegradable, paraben and phosphate-free for a safe and trustworthy

Purified Water, Renewable Plant-derived & Coconut-Based Cleansers, Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, B, D, E, Glycerin, Optical Brighteners, Lavender Essence, Natural Preservative.

Directions for use
1. Shake well before using.
2. On a wet coat, lather you pet throughly with a few good palm-fulls of earthbath
3. Remember to eliminate all escape routes well in advanced (a tip: once your pet
    is slippery wet, he or she is suddenly smarter and faster than you are). Work
    lather from head to tail and keep out of eyes.
4. Leave on for at least 90 seconds to allow gentle cleansers and conditioner to
    work their magic. For extra sheen and manageability, use with earthbath
5. May be diluted ten parts water to one part shampoo if desired.

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