Flying Vinyl Dog Toy

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Product Description

Zee.Dog The Flying Vinyl is made of soft, non-toxic, non-irritating rubber that's easy on your dog's mouth. The vibrant blue color makes it easy to spot no matter where you launch it.

Key Benefits

  • Made of soft, non-toxic, non-irritating rubber
  • Easy on dog's mouth
  • Easy to grab and easy to throw
  • Flies for miles
  • Ideal for medium and large dogs
  • 100% natural rubber and biodegradable

Direction For Use

  • To train the dogs by throwing the disc near them and making them learn to get the disc back to you the at the command of “Give it” or some other similar command..
  • You can also play fun games such as tug-of-war, but you have to be gentle and pull very lightly making sure that you are not harming your pet..
  • You can also hold the frisbee and run to make the disc; this will make your large dog run behind you as he will start chasing a frisbee..
  • Your dog should learn to give it back to you, and every time the dog succeeds in doing so, you should reward them to motivate your dog to bring the frisbee back to you.


Diameter : 23 cm

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