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Product Description

Cature Floral Fresh Scent Beads Cat Litter Deodoriser is also lab-tested for odour absorption that is possible due to its unique porous molecular structure. A versatile product, Cature Floral Fresh Scent Beads Cat Litter Deodoriser can be used on any type of cat litter. Fight Against Cat Litter Odor!

Net weight: 450ml

Key Benefits

  • Remove odor by fiber technology
  • No harmful ingredients added
  • Efficient antibacterial
  • Continuous freshness


Fluff pulps, diatomite, deodorizer, bacteriostatic agent, fragrance

Directions for use

Just sprinkle on cat litter. Sprinkle some beads (1/3 of the cap, about 45ml) in cat toilet. Dosage can be repeated after the fragrance has been volatilized. Due to different environments 450ml could be used up to 30-45 days.

litter storage tips :

Storage : Seal and store in a cool and dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep away from children. Do not store close to foods.

Warning :

Do not eat, keep out of the reach of children, insoluble in water, if you flush them, flush less than 10 beads each time. If you or your cat does not adapt to the fragrance, please stop using.

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