Hide N Seek - Pawkia Dog Toy

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Product Description

Friend: What is your favorite game?

Me: SNAKE!!!

Back were the days were mobile phones weren't smart enough to surf the Instagram and Facebook, snake were the most popular game! Hide N Seek couldn't be more exciting when you surprises your pup with a real harmless snake from a mobile phone.

P/S: Snake is really harmless, it's elastic, crinkle and squeak!

Key Benefits

  • Squeak & crinkle
  • Contains 1 harmless stretchy snake
  • Activate pupper’s hunting instinct
  • Stuffed interactive toy

Feeding Instruction

This product is not indestrucable. Children and pets should be supervised when playing with it. If product becomes ripped or damaged, please discard immediately.

Please remove package and tag before use


Pawkia measures 18 x 9 x 5cm

Harmless snake measures approx 45cm

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