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Product Description

UAH Pet food storage container will monitor moisture and prevent dust from entering the container. It will automatically pump air out and create a vacuum chamber in the container. It can also adjust the pumping time from 15 seconds to 1 minute according to the volume of pet food left in the container. The storage container is not only ideal for keeping pet food fresh but also suitable for cereal, snacks, precision instruments, nuts, sugar, coffee, tea or anything else you want to keep from air, moisture and dust!

Key Benefits

  • Vacuum storage bucket for dogs and cats, smart sealed bucket, cat food storage bucket, rice bucket
  • Fully automatic vacuum, mold-proof, moisture-proof and insect-proof, baby-grade material, multi-functional preservation
  • One button automatic vacuum, pet food locked into the preservation box, inhibit bacteria
  • Intelligent constant pressure technology, automatic monitoring, guarantee the vacuum environment, prolong the fresh-keeping period 5 times
  • Infant grade national certified food material, can be long-term direct contact with food
  • No chemical reaction, safe and non-toxic, no oil absorption, no hanging oil, fall resistance and wear resistance

Direction For Use

  • Long press the Lv key for 3s, a beep will prompt you to turn on, (the indicator light is always blue)
  • Touch the lock button to start air exhaust. (The indicator light is flashing blue)
  • Press the lid of the bucket with your hands for 5 seconds. (Make sure the lid of bucket is thight)
  • The time for automatic air extraction is about 15 seconds to 1 minute, which is about the volume of food. When air extraction is done, will hear a beep. ( The indicator light will stop blinking)
  • Tap the Lv key button to automatically deflate. (The indicator light flashes in blue)
  • You will hear a beep after the air release is complete, wait for pressure equalization can you remove the cover.
  • Long press the lock or Lv key for 5 seconds, a beep will prompt you to turn off.


Dimensions : 31x20x28cm


Brand: UhaSize: L310 * W200 * h280mmCapacity: 12LBattery: 2600mAh

Package: 1 vacuum container, 1 0.8m Micro USB cable

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