La La Lamb Cooked Dog Food

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Size: 1kg
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Product Description

Pawmeals Freshly Cooked Dog Meals Sensitive Series --> La La Lamb Formulated by a Certified Canine Nutritionist to ensure balanced nutrition for your dog and tastes delicious as well.

Key Benefits

  • No Preservatives, Artificial Flavors & Colors.
  • Different variations of Protein, Fat and Carbo for each menu
  • High in calories, protein, omega 3 for optimal formation of body cells, immunity, nerves and brain
  • Calcium and phosphorus ratio appropriate to breed size

Feeding Guideliness

Feeding Guidelines :

Please note:

  • Please consult with us first if your dog/cat has allergies.
  • Set daily food portion requirements, give ideal portions 4x a day for puppies 2-4 months, and 3x a day for puppies 4-6 months.
  • Store it directly in the freezer when the package is received. Produced fresh and standardized at Pawmeals Central Kitchen.

Product Acceptance Conditions

Must include an unboxing video for package claims within 1x24 hours after the item is received. Frozen product, immediately put it in the freezer


Lamb Meat, Pumpkin, Pork Muscle meat, Egg White, Carrot, Red Rice, Beef Tripe, Tender Pork Heart, (All Fresh) String Bean, Beetroot, Omega-3 Cod Liver Oil, Sterilized Ground Eggshell, Sensitive Pawmiracle Mix. 

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