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Bath Towel PVA Dog Cat Pet Towel 66 cm

Rp 99.000

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Product Description
Make bath time extra fun and easy with these Super Absorbent Bath Towels! These PVA towels are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial so they are safe for your furbaby and the earth!

Key Benefit
- Makes your furbabies bath times more fun and easier!
- It's easy to use.

Direction to use
- if towel is dry and hard, fully soak the towel in water until fully soft. (NOTE. PVA Towels only work when soft)
- squeeze out excess water to activate the towel's absorbing ability
- Gently pat your pet's wet for with the towel, and regularly squeeze out excess water
- After using air dry the towel
NOTE. Let towels air dry after use. To wash, hand wash with soap and water. Once done washing, let it air dry

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