Catnip Natural 10g

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Variations: Catnip Leaves 10g
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Product Description

Ready for a playful cats? or a help to calm a cats? CATNIP is the solution. Cats loves catnip, it makes a great treat to used for training to encourage cats to sleep in their own way. It gives relaxed and stare into space. Whatever the reason, it's good and fun


Catnip steams and leaves

Key Benefits

  • It's good to encourage play and movement and also reduced stress
  • It makes cats happy by rolling around, flipping over, and generally being hyperactive
  • Not only it will be entertaining for you to see your cats "high", it also provide fun, enjoyment and exercise for your cat

Directions for use

  • Only works for cats over 6 months old, Not all cats love catnip
  • Do not give to frequently use. if you use it too often, the cat will no longer be sensitive to this odor
  • To Help release the active ingredients of catnip grass, lightly press the catnip filling or twist the leaves with your finger
  • After use, seal the bag and place it for out of reach of children and cats


  • Box size: 20 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight about 10 g

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