Easy Fix Puppy Training Pads 30 pcs

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Size: 60x60 cm
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Product Description

EASY FIX puppy training pads are ideal for long trips with your pet. Thanks to the adhesive strips on the reverse, they can easily be fixed in small or big pet barriers and crates which facilitates cleaning and reduces unpleasant odors. EASY FIX puppy training pads can also directly be fixed on the floor

Key Benefits

  • Leakproof
  • Fast drying
  • No odors
  • Clean paws
  • Has stickers on the reverse

Directions for use

  • Place the puppy training pad into the puppy pad holder with the plastic side down, keeping it away from your dog's bed & food
  • Put your dog on the training pad several times to allow it to smell the pad and get used to it
  • When your dog urinates on the training pad, praise it and encourage it to do so more often
  • After your dog has used the training pad, reward it with either praise or a treat
  • If your dog has an "accident", bring it back to the training pas immediately. This helps to reinforce the idea of where it should urinate
  • Gradually bring the pad closer and closer to door. Then eventually outside


Length (cm) Width (cm) Contents (pcs)
45 60 30
60 60 30
90 60 30

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