Lavender Puppy Training Pads 30 pcs

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Size: 45x60 cm
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Product Description

Prevent your home from urine smells with M-PETS Lavender Puppy Training Pads. These pads have 5 layers. Surface made from hot-rolled non-woven fabric, containing pet attractant, high-quality water absorption layer, strong deodorization effect, added antibacterial agent, bottom of the PE film

Key Benefits

  • Leakproof
  • Fast drying
  • No odors
  • Clean paws
  • Lavender scent

Directions for use

  • Place the puppy training pad into the puppy pad holder with the plastic side down, keeping it away from your dog's bed & food
  • Put your dog on the training pad several times to allow it to smell the pad and get used to it
  • When your dog urinates on the training pad, praise it and encourage it to do so more often
  • After your dog has used the training pad, reward it with either praise or a treat
  • If your dog has an "accident", bring it back to the training pas immediately. This helps to reinforce the idea of where it should urinate
  • Gradually bring the pad closer and closer to door. Then eventually outside.


Length (cm) Width (cm) Contents (pcs)
45 60 30
60 60 30
90 60 30

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