Potty Here

Rp 92.000

Product Description
Training aid for outdoor and indoor use. Helps train puppies and dogs of all ages where to potty. The unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate wherever the product is sprayed. Apply the training spray to preferred designated areas.
Great For:
• Outdoor Areas
• Artificial Grass
• Puppy Pads

Deionized water, preservaties, proprietary attractant scent.

Directions for use:
Shake well before using.
- Indoors
Determine a preferred place for your puppy to urinate. For best result while training, do not change the designated area. If using puppy pads or artificial turf, lightly spray each item.
- Outdoors
Whether you are transitioning your puppy froom indoors to outdoors or just teaching your dog to use specific outdoor area, simply spray the designated area. Take your pet to the treated spot and allow him to sniff and become familiar with the new area. Continue the training process especially after your pet has eaten or slept. Reapply as needed.

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