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Product Description

Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games Fights boredom by keeping your dog busy Boredom Busters Helps reduce destructive behavior by exercising your dogs mind. Strengthen the bond with your dog. Fun for all dogs regardless of age & size.

Key Benefits

  • As a toy that stimulates your dog's mind to stay alert
  • Increase their natural behavior as a hunter when trying to find treats inside
  • You'll have a great time when playing together

Directions for play

Place treats or kibble in compartments of base. Cover some compartments with bones. The more covered compartments, the harder the game will be! Let the games begin! Show your dog how the game works and encourage them to find treats. Dogs are smarter than you think. Sometimes we just need to teach them! Leave some compartments uncovered and show your dog how it spins.

Note: watch your dog while playing. Don't let them chew or swallow the toy


Length x Width = 11 inch (28 cm) x 7.5 cm (19 cm)

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