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Size: S
Color: Beech
Sale priceRp 799.000
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Product Description

Unique and cute home designs for your pet. This pet house installation system is knock down, easy to install and remove.

Material: Made of full meranti plywood, coated with HPL (high pressure laminate) so it is safe if exposed to water splashes, food stains and other stains. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, or if it is stained with a pen/marker, it can be wiped with sufficient thinner.

NOTE : this product not include the pillow and custom name

Key Benefits

  • Made of full meranti plywood, coated with HPL
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Canvas roof cover for good air circulation, detachable design
  • Anti scratch and watersplash proof body

Direction For Use

  • Attach the front and back wood panels to the right position (as seen as the pictures above)
  • Tighten the bolts in each hole to each edge of the side wood frames using a screwdriver
  • Do the same for each hole until everything is set in place properly
  • Done! You're good to go. You can put a blanket, dog bed, or piece of carpet inside to keep your pup comfy.



  • S : 50cm
  • M : 60cm
  • L : 75cm
  • XL : 90cm


  • S : 35cm
  • M : 45cm
  • L : 55cm
  • XL : 65cm


  • S : 47cm
  • M : 53cm
  • L : 63cm
  • XL : 75cm

Door Weight

  • S : 23cm
  • M : 27cm
  • L : 35cm
  • X : 43cm

Door Hight

  • S : 30 cm
  • M : 35cm
  • L : 41cm
  • XL : 48cm

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