Pet Massage Comb White Dog & Cat

Rp 108.000

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Product Description
PETKIT EVERCLEAN Pet Massage Comb is not only gentle but it offers a good massage for better blood circulation while effectively removing loose hair when brushing you pet. can also be used as a bath brush apart from the daily brush comb. The silicone bristles on PETKIT EVERCLEAN Pet Massage Comb are gentle that they do not cause irritations on your pets skin which helps your pet to relax while you brush and massage it.

Key Benefits:
- Ideal comb that grooms and massages your pet at the same time
- Soft silicon brush will not irritate your pet
- Simply remove hairballs from the comb
- Easy to use and clean

Direction for use:
You can use as a comb after bath or a brush while grooming. For dry use please comb your pet gently, and for wet use ringing shampoo to the surface of your cat’s skin and nourish his or her hair
note: please keep out of the reach of children and pets to avoid swallowing and damage. Stop using if product is broken to avoid any hurt by accident.

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