Pura Dog Training Litter Tray

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Product Description

The PETKIT PURA DOG Training Litter Tray is an ideal solution for potty training for your pet. It’s normal for pets keepers to encounter some casual excretion at home. This tray is dedicatedly designed by PETKIT for dogs using high-quality material and it is easy to clean, keeping your house clean and refreshing throughout the day. With a designated area for toilet, PETKIT PURA Training Litter Tray is a great way to potty train your pet and to reduce the frequency of urine markings done.

Key Benefits:

  • High quality, easy to use product
  • Avoid accidents and keep your home clean and refreshed
  • Innovative handle on mesh panel simplifies wastes cleaning and pad change
  • Mesh panel can be detached easily making the Pura Dog easy to clean


  • Please put it at a fixed place for your dog to know it
  • It can be used independently or with dog pads
  • It can be used with training spray for teaching pet use litter.


Product Dimensions (mm) : 520 x 47 x 390

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