Rollon Oral Care Pro Mouthwash

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Product Description

Rollon Oral Care Pro Mouthwash for dog and cat drinking water additive for fresh breath. 4 different natural ingredients remove the oral odor thoroughly. Evenly scattered water-soluble active molecules can clean all the oral corners where the toothbrush cannot reach. Going deep into the gingival sulcus, they eliminate odor-causing bacteria in every corner, and get rid of bad breath from the source.

Net weigh :

  • Bottle : 350ml
  • Sachet : Contains 30 packets/box (1 packet = 5 ml)
  • Key Benefits

    • Freshens breath without brushing teeth
    • Natural safe, no harmful ingredients
    • Helps control plaque & tartar

Ingredients :

Persimmon extract, chrysanthemum indicum extract, honey fermentation broth, allantoin, rosemary extract, purified water, etc.

Direction For Use

  • Bottle : Add product into water at 1:100 dilution ratio for pet daily drinking and keep your pet water bowl filled at all times and always refill with fresh, clean water daily.
  • Sachet : Mix each 5ml (a small packet) into 500ml water for daily drinking and water should be changed every day to ensure freshness.

Cautions : If this product becomes turbid a bit due to temperature and other environmental reasons, without affecting usage. please shake it before using

Storage : Avoid direct sunlight, keep it in dry place and prevent children.

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