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Rollon Oral Care Pro Plaque Stop

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Product Description

Bad breath can come from a number of places, not only mouth! Evenly scattered active molecules can clean all the oral corners where the toothbrush cannot reach. Going deep into the gingival sulcus, it eliminates odor-causing bacteria in every corner, protects pet gum and eliminates the odor-causing bacteria in the stomach.

Contains 30 packets per box

Net weight : 1 packet = 1 gram

Key Benefits

  • Removes oral odor and plaque without brushing
  • Rich OPC from cranberry protects pet gum and teeth
  • Natural, safe, no harmful ingredients

Ingredients :

Cranberry extract, persimmon extract, zeolite powder, cellulose, yucca extract taurine, zinc gluconate, lactobacillus acidophilus, protease oxidase, etc.

Direction For Use

Simply sprinkle evenly over your pet's food for fresh breath. For dogs and cats over 2 months

  • Under 10kg : 1 packet
  • 10 - 25kg : 1 - 2 packet
  • More than 25kg : 2 - 3 packet

Caution: mixing with dry food is recommended

Storage: avoid direct sunlight, keep it in dry place and prevent children from touching. Please use up the whole packet once it's opened.

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