Round Shape Licking Mat Slow Feeder for Pets

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Color: Blue
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Product Description

Lick mats are a type of enrichment toy for dogs and cats, like puzzle toys. These rubbery mats come in various shapes, sizes, and textures. The grooves and soft brittles on a lickimat scrapes your dog's tongue, cleaning it and removing particles and bacteria. This ultimately helps to improve your dog's oral health. The licking action and production of saliva keeps gum and teeth healthy.

Key Benefits

  • Perfect for soft, creamy spreadable foods
  • Cleaning and removing particles and bacteria
  • Improve dog's oral health
  • Keep gum and teeth healthy
  • Easy to wash
  • Food grade
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Direction to use

Apply a dog-friendly snack like peanut butter, soft banana, or yogurt to the mat for your dog to lick, while the raised rubber nubs make it a challenge. The closer the texture, the more work your pup will have to do to lick the mat clean.


Diameters : 15 cm x 0.3cm

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