Paw.Pee.Poo Waterless Bath For Pets

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Product Descriptions 

PAW.PEE.POO Waterless Bath is an instant cleanser in the form of foam without rinsing. Very suitable for use for:

  • Puppy/Kitten babies who cannot bathe yet
  • Dogs/Cats who are pregnant or have just given birth
  • Suitable for use when traveling/on holiday
  • Can also be used for routine cleaning activities

Nett Weight : 100 ml

Key Benefit 

  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Light foam formula, suitable for all stages of cats and dogs
  • Contains coconut extract which can nourish the skin and fur of dogs or cats
  • Contains honey extract so that skin and fur do not dry out after use


Deionized water, Sodium Lauryl sulfate, Glycerin, Coconut extract, Honey extract, Willow bark extract (Hydroxymethyl).

Direction For Use 

  • Shake the bottle before use
  • Open the lid and start pumping the head until foam comes out in the palm of your hand
  • Apply the foam to the part of the baby that you want to clean using a combing movement
  • Wipe dry using a clean towel / cloth, help dry with a blower / hair dryer if you use a relatively large amount of product
  • No need to rinse, now your anabul will be clean and fragrant.

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