Wild Caught Sardine-Os Freeze Dried Raw Treats for Cats and Dogs

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Product Description

Raw Rawr chews made using wild caught whole sardines from Australia, each sardines is freeze dried to retain its Nutrional value as well as maintain high palatability. Raw Rawr chews are safety sourced and stored to ensure they are safe for raw consumption. Every batch is tested for pathogens ( Salmonella, E.colli and listeria) before being cleared for export.

Key Benefits

  • easy-to-store
  • Easy-to-use product that can be feed for puppies, kitten and senior
  • Rich in omega 3, DHA & EPA
  • Promote healthy skin and coat

Feeding Instructions

  • 1 -2 Sardines per 5kg of dog’s or cat’s weight a day.


Whole sardines

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