Worm Rid Broad Spectrum Wormer for Dogs and Cats - per tablet

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Product Description

Dogs need continual protection from parasite such as worms and fleas. To ensure effective worm control, treat all dogs and cats in the household at the same time. Symptoms of worm infestation are lack of energy, loss of weight and diarrhea. Dogs are often infested by tapeworm which uses the fleas as a carrier. Animal science WORM-RID may be used in conjunction with flea control products.

Key Benefits

  • Effective treatment of eleven intestinal worms
  • Can be use for Dogs and Cats


Each table contains : Praziquantel 500mg, Oxantel Embonate 543mg, Pyrantel Embonate 143mg.


  • 1,5Kg to 2,5Kg = 1/4 tablet
  • 2,6Kg to 5,0Kg = 1/2 tablet
  • 5,1Kg to 10Kg = 1 tablet
  • Over 10Kg = 1 tablet per 10Kg

Treat puppies and kittens (over 1,5Kg) at 2,4,6,8 and 12 weeks and then every month until 6 months old.

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