Poop Bag Dispenser Dog

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Variations: Black
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Product Description

Super practical poop bag dispenser with a rope that attaches to your leash, so it doesn't bounce around while you're walking your dog. It holds one roll of poop bags (and you can buy the bags only to refill) that is easy to pull out one-by-one through the side opening.

Key Benefits

  • The dispenser's rope clasp fits nicely with any leash.
  • Custom-designed clip on the back holds the dispenser in place for a sway-free walk.
  • Fits with Zee.dog poop bag roll of 15 bags perfectly.
  • Super sturdy, made from high quality materials.
  • Has a screw-on cap so you can easily refill and go


Take out the bag through the side opening every time it's needed

Size Chart

  • Height 3.81 in
  • Width 1.65 in

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